Ideas for video use in workplace learning


  • Making orientation material for students and workplace instructors (info and guide videos)
  • Making educational materials (eg lectures / info clips) for students (videos can be revisited) 

  • Create a virtual tour of the learning environment or any building or its equipment (as a teaching / guidance material)


  • Remote counseling or guiding of on-the-job learning in real time
  • Videos as teaching, guidance and orientation material for the workplace supervisor and student (see eg. Restaurant Henricus)
  • Documentation of the skill demonstration and assessment of skills (eg making the competence visible when the instructor is not physically present)


  • Support material for assessment

  • Feedback videos


  • Videos are time and place independent tools and can be conveniently distributed across multiple channels.
  • Can also be used to guide students further away.
  • Video helps to get a better picture of a place or work process than photos and textual description.

  • Action camera solutions help you record work in a way that your mobile device alone does not suffice.

  • Students are keen on watching videos, and also learning videos can be watched on a mobile phone.


  • Equipment for shooting videos
    • Camcorder, Action camera (GoPro), mobile phone or tablet with a camera
    • Separate microphone (eg. lavalier mic) 
    • Screencast-O-Matic for capturing and sharing screenshots 
  • Editing software (making movies or combine video and still photos): Adobe Spark Starter, Windows Moviemaker, iMovie (Apple, iOS), FilmoraGo or Quik (Android)
  • Sharing videos eg. for Moodle: Youtube, Vimeo 
  • Creating multimedia applications: (eg. interactive images or 360 Virtual Tours like Lakela360)

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