Innoedu TET @ Makerspace

Omnia Makespace hosted for 2 weeks, 9 students from Espoo International School (school link) who are doing their TET (Työelämään tutustuminen) training at Innovative Education Council ( who are located at A Grid( in Otaniemi district well known in Finland for some of the biggest companies including Nokia, Kone, Microsoft, HP and Rovio to name a few.


“Omnia makerspace has been in use by companies and students both and by hosting TET we are taking the extending the experience to the school students as well” says Siim-Eigo Saar, Host, Omnia Makerspace


Agrid is part of the Aalto University campus and some of its well-known tenants include European Space Agency(ESA), United Nations Technology Innovation Labs(UNTIL), Omnia University apart from Espoo city office such as Business Espoo and Enter Espoo (formerly Espoo Marketing). A Grid is a shining example of the university campus lifestyle blended with entrepreneurial spirit and a mindset to co-create, innovate and change the world. It is home for 150 ambitious start-ups and partners, and acts as a gateway to the university’s ecosystem of resources, talented students and cutting-edge research and infrastructure.

Aalto University was founded in 2010 from the merger of Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Named after the world famous architect and designer Alvar Aalto, the university is located in Espoo and set out to create a university that fosters innovation in the fields of science, business, and art and design.

“We are running the TET program for the 3rd year in a row now. Number of students have been increasing interested in apply to us. We offer them hands on entrepreneurship training in the vibrant corporate atmosphere that Agrid provides. Omnia Makerspace has been so positively received by students which makes their working experience fun and give it an experimental feel” says Katalin Sagi the CEO of Innovative Education Council. The group this year was extremely motivated and enthusiastic to experience corporate working culture. Among other tasks they concepted, developed and published a site for other school students to generate awareness around online safety. Link below:


“Every year, grade 9 students complete two weeks of mandatory working life experience in Finland. Our students find their own workplace in some kind of business, school or organization where they can experience the working culture in Finland. This helps them to grow into responsible citizens who can contribute to society. It also enables these work places to contribute to the overall development of students” says Jay Thompson, Student Guidance Counsellor at Espoo International School.


Innovative Education Council founded in 2017 has been part of several Education related programs run by Microsoft, most recently has been part of the Microsoft for Startups program( ) which opens up access to several schools across the globe.


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