Makerspace opening times 30.11.2020–20.12.2020

Dear Omnia Makerspace user!
Due Covid-19 new restrictions next 3 weeks Makerspace will be availible only for A Grid startups!

Usual COVID-19 rules apply still:

– wearing a mask is compulsory

– wash or desinfect hands every time when entering

– clean keyboard/mouse devices before and after use

In laser cutting room only 1 person at a time.

In video studio (behind glass wall) max 3 persons at a time.

Max 10 persons at a time (maintain social distancing).

Vinyl cutting & 3D workstation are so close to each other that they can’t be used at the same time.

Soap, desinfectant and wipes for cleaning available at Makerspace.

You need to bring your own mask. Without it, you can’t use Makerspace.

If you are recording a video, naturally the person in the picture can leave mask off.

Kitchen area (eg. making coffee) is not available.

A Grid community startups can enter Omnia Makerspace with their own key tag. Otherwise the doors remain locked.

However, video studio and lasercutting room doors are locked and can’t be accessed with the tag. The use of these must be arranged separately with Siim-Eigo Saar, and we can’t promise that this will work out easily, as Omnia staff is working mostly distance.


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