Blog as a training log: learning while reflecting

Nordic Cuisinesundberg_mikael_working is a project for secondary TVET students who had a two-month on-the-job training period in Sweden. Students kept their learning logs on open blogs in order to develop their professional identity. Reflecting their training made them better aware of their learning outcomes and their learning process.

Before the period in Sweden, vocational and language teachers prepped up students to internalize why to use open platforms – creating and making their professional identity growth visible – and how to apply sensible netiquette.

During the period the students reported their learning and skills with mobile devices or using their laptop at the hotel in the evenings. They were to report in English and/or Swedish in order to integrate language learning. That way they reflected both their learning outcomes and their learning process. On top of that, they honed their language, too.

Group instructions, student-made vocabulary and links to students’ portfolio blogs are in the joint blog linked above (in Finnish; machine translation of the project description here).

Students have kept on blogging during their studies, and their professional growth is made visible for employers as well.

See also: The diagram of the digital learning environment of the project.


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